Contemporary inspiration

The round shape takes shape from a world of inspirations linked to architecture, decoration and nature.
Esprit is a transcription of aesthetic codes synthesized in a perimeter frame that delimits the opening surfaces. The rhythm of the roundness becomes a graphic and functional melody to obtain a product consistent with the architecture of the past. The romanticism and classicism of the 20th century becomes the ideal container for a transitional but contemporary product.
Esprit is also available for different configurations with pivot opening systems and systems.

The rhythm of roundness

The curve, the “softness” of the materials, represents a return to the origins of contemporary architecture. The sinuous and soft lines that characterize the Esprit architrave give prestige to any environment.

Harmony of lines

Rigor of the lines and softness develop across the widths, giving an elegant and harmonious allure to the entire door.

Barausse certified quality

The Esprit frame, like all Barausse wooden frames, can be made in a certified fire-resistant version (REI) also thanks to an exclusive Barausse patent with an invisible thermo-expanding gasket hidden under the veneer. In this way it is possible to reduce maintenance and cleaning operations of the frame to a minimum. The frame complies with CARB regulations which guarantees low formaldehyde emissions through the use of certified semi-finished products and vinyl glues.