“We combine the harmony of wood with the grandeur of marble and metal to shape works of sublime splendor.”

A symphony of materials, where the art of multifaceted pairing blends with expert aesthetic care, offering a wide choice of designs and finishes. Doors, partitions, and paneling reveal a universe of versatility and synergy. “Baraussesphere” is the incubator of a new aesthetic vision that encompasses the stylistic facets specially crafted by Barausse. The pinnacle of bold elegance: creations that challenge conventions by seamlessly merging with the surrounding environment, transforming the ordinary and evoking emotion. A fusion of progressive design and continuous research on material, on its very nature, on pairing and the taste of excellence.

Multimateriality is a catalyst for reflections, a new horizon of limitless creativity found at the intersection of tradition and innovation. Wood, a solid and structural element used to build strong and enduring entities over time, welcomes marbles, metals, and leathers. Every vein, reflection, fiber converges into a harmonious design philosophy giving rise to doors, partitions, and paneling rich in character, originality, and distinction. This is Baraussesphere. Unprecedented examples of functional art, where color, texture, consistency, and technology come together to furnish refined spaces and meet the needs of those with a unique aesthetic taste and a rare attention to detail.


Faithful to its decision to reinstate the special role of metal in design and experimentation, De Castelli infuses artisan ideas and workmanship into industrial processes, leading to entirely original results. The encounter with design inspires an approach to materials founded upon respect for their potential, be it hidden or obvious, which emerges slowly in unique works. Unique not only for the hand that has created them, but also for the singular cultural path that focuses on the aesthetic (and not just practical) value of the primordial material with which De Castelli shapes living spaces.


Barausse introduces an innovative concept into the world of doors and design. A “belt” of metal runs the entire height of the wooden door, closing with a “buckle” that serves as a handle. The metal band by De Castelli, recessed into the door panel, echoes the structural components, becoming an almost architectural insert that contributes to conveying a sculptural image. A fusion of form and function that is both elegant and dramatic; a work of art to elevate closure and partition systems beyond mere access. The integration of Margraf marble handles adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, further enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the design.

A celebration of creativity and design, Dressed Up is not just a product, but a concept to explore a potentially infinite array of materials and shapes, which can be combined with maximum compositional freedom. It’s a curtain that inlays precious woods, marbles, and metals, integrating various opening systems with paneling to create seamless surfaces, even on a large scale. The different thicknesses of the wooden slats combined with the exclusive finishes born from Margraf and De Castelli research reflect light variably, creating plays of light and shadow, and textures.

Exploring the balance of materials: Dressed Up celebrates creativity and design as an experience that transcends the individual product, embodying maximum compositional and scenic freedom. The slats, in varying thicknesses, harmoniously blend with the precious inserts in Margraf marble and De Castelli metals, transforming the door into an expression of power through the connection of shapes, volumes, and textures that generate a variety of rich and dynamic surfaces. By integrating different opening systems with paneling, Dressed Up shapes distinctive and balanced environments that adapt to multiple design inspirations.


From extraction to the process of transformation into blocks and raw slabs, from the most sophisticated processes to the creation of marble elements and customized products: when it comes to marble, Margraf comes to mind. Thanks to its deep connection with the material, its strong commitment to research, and the artisan craftsmanship that characterizes every stage of the production process, this historic reality is an international reference for marble and natural stone processing. It transforms nature into architecture and provides architects and designers with the raw material to build living spaces of authentic beauty.


A handle that becomes a sculpture, adding a precious accent to the door panel. The craftsmanship of De Castelli and Margraf is applied to the innovative structure, giving life to a work of exclusive design and high creativity. No visible joints, seams, or fastenings in the metal version, and a unique shaping in the marble version. Luminova is also precise functionality, thanks to its flared shapes that accentuate its ergonomic design and the space specially designed in the back of the handle, which accommodates the gesture and facilitates its use. Its heights, either 70 or 120 cm, meet the needs of diverse spaces, embracing refined tastes and heterogeneous environments.

Leather as a timeless furnishing element, capable of adding charm and allure to any accessory. The Siena door is a stylistic evolution that showcases a panel covered in high-quality genuine leather, available in carefully selected color finishes. Siena elevates the design of the traditional door with an appealing and modern aesthetic, yet rooted in the origin of the material. The artisanal stitches that join the covering are emblematic of extreme attention to detail, while the genuine leather also satisfies the sense of touch, with a textural and sensory experience. A peerless aesthetic experience, Siena is bold and captivating, inviting touch and creating a connection that combines all the features of a thorough study of materials and lines.