Oak, walnut, elm: precious wood veneers carefully crafted to express the uniqueness of the material and its natural finish to the fullest.


The lacquered finish is available in all RAL/NCS colors or upon sample. Always respecting the environment and health, thanks to water-based paints.


The intriguing metallic effect of the finish gives captivating and modern reflections to the door. This finish is available in numerous different shades.


Metal finishes handcrafted and treated with oxidation processes by De Castelli. The door that carries the metal leaves its purely structural function to become a work of art.


Due to its transparency and its property to divide spaces without limiting the passage of light, glass is the best choice for spaces where modern and minimalist doors find their place.


Enriched with metal mesh inserts, marble prints and surface modifications, decorated glass is the finish designed for doors and partitions placed in environments dedicated to privacy and thinking.


A symbol of luxury in interior design, leather adds sophistication and elegance to any space, elevating the atmosphere with timeless appeal.


A material finish that is pleasant to the touch and covers the door and wall paneling in characterful environments. The texture of the clay finish dresses contemporary styles and is available in many trendy nuances.


You is the finish that allows, thanks to its water-based primer, to customize the surface of the door with materials chosen based on the wall, such as wallpapers, fabrics, decorative paints and many others.


In its faithful reproduction of the texture and tactile effect of real stone, this type of decorative finish best dresses large doors in sophisticated environments.


A particular material finish giving to the doors the preciousness of Carrara marble powder, the flashes of the material and the unmistakable texture with a pleasant sensation to the touch.