Soundproof doors explained

The acoustic doors are used to soundproofing the rooms to guarantee privacy and comfort. This feature is certified by appointed authorities that carry out specific tests aimed at verifying the level of insulation of the doors.
Barausse soundproof doors can be made in a wide range of finishes and therefore adapt to any environment, matching with other existing doors and architectural elements that characterize the style of the interiors.

Features of our soundproof doors

The characteristics that allow a Barausse acoustic door to effectively isolate the environment from external sounds involve structural elements, such as the sound-absorbing filler of the leaf, and specific elements, such as leaf seals, movable thresholds and Yale locks.

Soundproof doors for healthcare facilities

Aluminium solutions are the best choice for healthcare facilities, clinics and medical offices. These environments must be able to guarantee patient privacy and high cleaning standards. Precisely for this reason, strong and durable materials are preferred, which can be easily cleaned.

Design soundproof doors

Flush-wall acoustic doors are the perfect choice for projects attentive to design and aesthetic minimalism. Integrated with the wall, the Barausse TECNOSECRET frame combined with specific technical and construction features also allows to divide technical rooms and service rooms effectively and discreetly.

Comfort and privacy with Barausse acoustic doors

The installation of soundproof doors is necessary in environments where respect for privacy is paramount, such as offices and healthcare facilities, but also in other projects where acoustic comfort is essential, such as libraries or hotels. In all these cases, the acoustic doors must be certified up to 41 db.

Customize your soundproof doors

Barausse soundproof doors can be made with various types of frames and leaves, in order to satisfy every design need. Made of wood or aluminium? Standard or flush to the wall? With our range, choosing the right acoustic door has never been so easy.