The essential Barausse aluminum frame

Inner C1 was designed to offer the possibility of creating new stylistic languages ​​by perfectly combining aesthetics and technology.
The particularly refined result is the combination of thin geometric profiles and a flush-to-the-wall door technology.
Its application is ideal for environments with a sophisticated and modern style: it’s available in the coplanar version in both push and pull versions.
Inner C1 can be installed on walls with no thickness restrictions.

No need for masonry works

The installation of the Inner C1 alluminum frame transcends conventional masonry requirements, as it elegantly bypasses the need for extensive construction. Experience seamless integration as the installation process unfolds directly onto your finished wall, ensuring effortless refinement without traditional constraints.

Versatility redefined for every door

The Inner C1 frame seamlessly integrates with Barausse doors, spanning from elegant solid wood to sleek glass and aluminum designs. It harmonizes effortlessly with the full spectrum of Barausse lacquered hues and metal finishes, ensuring a sophisticated union of form and function.

An essential frame

Our Inner C1 frame transcends the limitations of wall thickness, offering unparalleled versatility for doors of all kinds. Its aluminum construction epitomizes adaptability, making it one of Barausse’s most versatile soluzions.