Special doors

In addition to standard doors and sliding doors, there are other closing mechanisms that allow to give character and personality to the rooms through solutions with great effect both aesthetically and functionally.

Pivot doors

Design doors that can be installed with flush frame or without it, to enhance the aesthetic minimalism of the leaf. Usually these are very large doors suitable for rich and suggestive decorations such as mirrors, lacquered panels and stone or concrete effect surfaces.

Pivot-sliding doors

Space-saving doors moved through a mechanism that rotates the leaf on itself and allows opening and closing in both directions, taking up the minimum amount of space. These doors are also suitable for removing architectural barriers without carrying out masonry works.

Folding doors

The folding door consists of a single door divided into two sections that fold back onto themselves to allow opening. It is a perfect space-saving solution for environments where sliding or pivot-sliding doors cannot be applied.

Swing doors

This solution allows the door to be opened in both directions by pushing and pulling, with the automatic return to the closed position. Swing doors are particularly indicated for hospitality, commercial buildings and service environments where the flow of people is high in both directions of passage.