Continuity system – with Yūgen Wall Panelling

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, held from 5 to 10 September 2021, we presented the new collections guided by the Continuity concept, the Barausse integration system that allows the perfect symbiosis of the proposed products.

Made in an exquisitely tailored way, it expresses the philosophy of Barausse living. The natural passage that from the “door system” now flows into this wide-ranging and versatile unicum, giving the living spaces a high level of aesthetics and functionality.

Among the proposed solutions: the Yūgen wall panelling, designed by the architect Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri and Matteo Meraldi, the Upload equipped wall system, the hidden pivot doors and the TIP glass and aluminum partition systems.

Snapshot from Supersalone Barausse – Yūgen Wall Panelling

Awareness of the hidden beauty of the universe, impossible to describe in words, but which elicits emotion. The fascination of those things which we cannot fully comprehend. In art and literature, a similar concept could be conveyed by the term “symbolism”.

designed by Studio DLSM Matteo Meraldi

The integrated Continuity system, made in an exquisitely sartorial fashion, expresses the philosophy of Barausse living. The natural passage which, in over 60 years of experience, has led from the “door system” to the creation of wood panelling and customised equipped wall systems, today gives rise to a broad and versatile unicum, conferring high level aesthetics and functionality to living spaces. In the photo, the system is shown in Blonde Walnut which adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to the environment.

Snapshot from Pianca&Partners – Continuity system