Softness and serene harmony are the elements that embellish the unprecedented offering of dividing elements and wall paneling designed and crafted by Barausse, a historic company from Vicenza specializing in the creation of interior doors, partitions, and designer paneling.

At the 2024 Salone del Mobile in Milan, the company presents a wide anthology of partitions and wall paneling characterized by the geometric element of the curve, which opens up an inexhaustible universe of emotional and factual references and inspirations.

Salone del Mobile 2024 booth

Barausse chooses the curved line to return to the primal instinct that drives humans to seek harmony and tranquility. It abolishes the strict edge of the corner, which, as a witness to perfection and geometric balance, also marks a clear separation, a directional break that brings resolution and detachment to the living space.

The new design of the paneling and partitions presented develops instead in a fluid continuum, without interruptions. The curved paneling gains stylistic energy and dynamism, offering a perfectly homogeneous yet original and balanced ensemble to the eye. The partition divides the spatial area but maintains symmetry and structure, evoking a harmony that influences the entire psychology of living: the environment welcomes, invites to stay, embraces in its forms those who live in it.

It’s a feeling of balance and harmony, encapsulated in a sinuous and enveloping line.

“The stylistic continuum is preserved and enhanced, enriching the perception of the entire environment.”

Curved glass partition, detail

The separation of spaces does not aim to break a precise and satisfying aesthetic linearity, but rather to enrich itself with continuity and harmony. This is where the curved line comes into play, a natural and fluid geometric complement that helps create a “room within a room”. A waiting area, a reading corner, or a living space, many are the possibilities that open up with an element like this, versatile, stylish, and adaptable to all needs.

The fixed leaf, depending on the choice of materials and finishes, joins in with the smooth curved element, which, whether in transparent or frosted glass, infuses privacy and intimacy into a specially dedicated space.

Curved wall paneling


A feeling of calmness and balance perceivable with the mind and body.

Barausse wall paneling with a curved element constitutes an authentic furnishing factor, influencing the living space and the perception of the entire design. The typical sharpness of the corner disappears, allowing the room to breathe freely and eliminating any sense of constraint and limitation.

The curve blends seamlessly with the surrounding elements: not only with the furnishings but also with the continuation of the wall and the doors, which

Barausse offers with great aesthetic attention in the same finish and with impeccable complanarity, in versions with the invisible flush-to-the-ceiling frame Secret and recessed handle. The stylistic continuum is preserved and enhanced, enriching the perception of the entire environment.


Baraussesphere is the incubator of a new aesthetic vision that encompasses the stylistic nuances specifically created by Barausse and showcased for the first time at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. It represents the pinnacle of bold elegance: creations that defy conventions by seamlessly blending with the surrounding environment, transforming the ordinary and evoking emotion. A fusion of progressive design and continuous research into materials, their inherent nature, pairing, and the pursuit of excellence in taste.

Multimateriality serves as a catalyst for reflections, offering a new horizon of unlimited creativity at the intersection of tradition and innovation. Wood, a solid and structural element for building strong and enduring entities over time, embraces marbles, metals, and leathers. Every vein, reflection, fiber converges into a harmonious design philosophy that gives rise to doors, partitions, and wall paneling rich in character, originality, and distinction. This is Baraussesphere.

Right and left – Dressed Up with Margraf marbles in Ipogeo® finish and De Castelli metals


An ambitious project with avant-garde and geometric design that has marked the success of Barausse’s customizable proposal and now represents the flagship of the range. A minimalist rise of wooden tiles of different thicknesses that elongates the space, elevating the material dimension and the gaze to a new aesthetic level. The door dresses to impress, embraces material pairing, and becomes a work of art.

For the occasion, the Dressed Up project is presented in a combination of woods and finishes combined with marble and metal in a large-scale scenic version with single and double pivot opening types.

As the door moves, the material combinations come to life, giving new breath to the entire environment.

The chosen finishes are the result of careful study of trends and undertones of each material: from how it reflects light to the nuances of the hue, to the tactile sensation of each finish.

Detail of the Ipogeo® marble finish by Margraf

Celebrating creativity and design, Dressed Up is not a product but a concept to unfold a potentially infinite array of materials and forms, which can be paired with maximum compositional freedom.

A curtain that inlays woods, metals, and precious marbles, integrating various opening systems with paneling to create seamless surfaces even on large scales.

Luminova, the iconic handle of majestic dimensions, whose shape is characterized by a slightly tapered ergonomic design to invite grip, makes the door that hosts it a focal element of the environment’s style: the Baraussesphere collection offers it in Margraf marble finishes and embellishes it with veins that make the entire stylistic ensemble memorable and evocative, but it can also be customized with De Castelli metals according to preferences and needs.