Measurement instructions


The presence of a subframe is not required in order to install a Barausse door. If a subframe is already installed, measure the opening between the subframe jambs.

Measure the space between the two walls, or between the two jambs of the subframe. Verify that the width is equal top, middle and bottom.

Measure the space between the wall (or the lintel of the subframe) and the finished floor.

Measure the thickness of the wall, taking into account any tiles or coverings.


Opening direction

The leaf, the frame and the hardware (Barausse patent) of our hinged doors are reversible. This means that the opening direction can be determined during installation.

Models that are not reversible:

  • push flush door, double doors, bifacial doors, oblique, sliding and folding doors;
  • secret doors;
  • technological doors.
pull flush door push flush door