I Nuovi Classici
When I seek another word for "music", I never find any word other than Venice.

Friedrich Nietzsche
Ecce Homo 1888
Venice, with its still beauty, is a source of inspiration, able to evoke characters and ideals which remain an unaltered symbol of grandeur and elegance.
There are numerous architects and artists who have contributed to its magnificence and have ennobled, with their ingenuity, every corner of the lagoon city. Those people, to whom we owe so much, have inspired us in identifying in history, the shape, style and material that enhance even today’s residences.
The Palladio line is thus followed by Giotto, Tiziano, Tiepolo accompanied by AnticaVenezia and Burano.
The imagination journeys through large frescoed rooms, decorated flooring, bright windows overlooking the Grand Canal. Everything is designed to create fascination and admiration; a way of life that combines both luxury and comfort.
The door becomes a valuable element capable of achieving balance. In the “I Nuovi Classici Barausse” range, it becomes the boundary between ingenuity and imagination; a place of creation in the search for beauty, in the design and in the choice of the very best materials, artfully finished.
Decorative and rich, the door marks the border between places, it masks secondary exists, harmonises rooms and borders and delimits the intimacy of the spaces.
Venice and its splendour come alive again; entering into history is now possible, through the “I Nuovi Classici Barausse” collection.
Have a good journey.
Combining figurative art and industrial production; the Laboratorio Arte Barausse (LAB) arose from this ambitious project.
The collaboration with master Italian decorators and with Mariani Affreschi, a leading exponent of the Italian art scene, forms part of this search for beauty, whose goal is to make every product exclusive.
Mariani Affreschi reproduces today, in its laboratory, “the things of yesteryear” providing the opportunity for people to admire, in their own homes, images of ancient beauty.
The elaborate Barausse doors, designed in detail in their shapes and profiles, become unique pieces when combined with the artistic and original work by the Mariani masters. It is a fusion of art and design that comes to fruition in each individual piece. Unique and numbered.
The door becomes an exclusive element of décor with such strength as to be able, singularly, to furnish a room, giving it value and style.
Laboratorio Arte Barausse (LAB) is thus a cutting-edge project which brings together two worlds with a common goal: the desire and commitment to take Italian beauty and creation to the rest of the world.
Italian interior doors since 1967

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